RCV Conveyor

August 8th, 2008

RCV Conveyor

Hanna’s RCV (Over and Under) Conveyor is designed to gently ease multiple vehicles forward through the car wash tunnel with patented 6-wheel roller assemblies. Tapered guide rails and roller bar assemblies, ensure a safe and easy entrance onto the conveyor. Your customers will encounter a very pleasant and smooth car wash experience. Features on the RCV Conveyor include:

  • Industry recognized HECO Gear Reducer with a hydraulic motor to drive the conveyor system.
  • Hannatron, made of ultra high molecular weight polymer, is attached to the outside guide rails to protect against wheel damage.
  • High density polyethylene chain guides utilized to help reduce abnormal chain wear and lower maintenance cost.
  • Roller on demand at the entrance.
  • High or Low profile rollers for controlled car movement.
  • Front wheel pull, or rear wheel push option.


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